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10 Women you won’t believe they exist

Here is a list of some astounding women present in this world which you can never imagine ever existed.

  1. Steroid Women

Steroids are way more harmful for women than men. In fact they are dangerous and unnecessary for females. Despite this, some women persist on using them.


  1. Most Tattooed Woman – Julia Gnuse

Julia Gnuse covered 95% of her body in tattoos and holds the Guinness world record. This act led her to be called Illustrated lady.

  1. Huge Legs – Mandy Sellars

Mandy is a woman with extremely large legs. This problem was indicated by the doctor’s right when she was born but couldn’t figure it out completely. As she grew up, her problem became quite evident.


  1. World’s Smallest Woman – Jyoti Amge

At 62.8cm (2ft 0.6inch), Joyti Amge was the smallest woman living and won the Guinness World records for her growth hormone deficiency.

  1. Modern Day Rapunzel – Asha Mandela

Do you want to see Rapunzel alive in this world? Here she is! 50-year old Asha Mandela from Atlanta has the longest hair at 55-feet.

  1. Elisany da Cruz Silva

Aspiring Brazilian model, Elisany da Cruz Silva is quite tall for a girl this hot at 6ft 8ins married her fiancée who stands at 5ft 4 ins.

  1. Michelle Kobke: The woman who wore corset for 3 years straight.

24 years old Michèle Köbke’s shrunk her waist from 25 inches to 16 by wearing a corset for three consecutive years.

  1. Mikel Ruffinelli 

Mike Ruffnelli is an American woman who weighs at 420 pounds while her hips measure 8 feet in circumference.


  1. Houston woman’s 23-inch fingernails

Ayanni Williams from Houston has made a unique record of growing nails for 20 years and her nails range from 19-23 inches. Must be quite a headache maintaining them!

  1. Natalya Demkina

Natalya “Natasha” Nikolayevna SDemkina could actually be a mutant. The Russian claims to have the ability to look into human bodies.


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