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The Most Insane Things You Can Buy on the Internet


Online shopping has become so trending nowadays that many people would rather buy online than go shop in a mall. There is nothing wrong with online shopping. But you must bear with the amount of delivery fee. Sometimes, the cost of some items is higher compared to regular price. It is because you can easily buy it without going to the store.

One of the first questions a buyer should ask themselves is this: “Where will I use this?” This is to help them become a more responsible shopper. Unfortunately, not all people think this way. Whatever pleases their eyes should be handed over to them. Responsible shopping is already being neglected because of this mindset.

Likewise, people got too comfortable with online shopping that they buy even the most insane stuff they can see. These are the people who can absolutely afford almost anything. Yet, there are people who try to buy beyond their limits. Both types of people are impulsive buyers. Amazon and eBay have probably grown their business more because of these types of people.

When you search through the internet, you can see a lot of stuff that you can purchase. These items are usually the click-bait ones. As you open it, you will be enticed to buy it already because of its positively written reviews. But the truth is, the item has nothing to do in your everyday life. Still, you buy it because you thought it is good.

Below is the list of the most insane stuff that you can buy on the internet.


  • The No Phone




If there is one crazy invention done by people, this item is seriously insane. The No Phone is invented for people who are very much addicted to using their real smartphones. This is to help people control their addiction with their phones. Take note, this looks like a regular smartphone. But the truth is, it has no use. It is just a replica of your normal smartphone.

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