Man Walks Into The Police Station And You Won’t Beleive What He Was Carrying (NSFW)

A factory worker strolls through the police station carrying his pals severed head professing he killed him for making sexual advances to his mum!!

This horrible action is the third of the case of beheading just this month.

A video shows Pashupati, 24, carrying the severed head of his childhood friend arriving a Belakavadi police station, carrying the head of Girish at the hair on the head driving to the location. He carried his friends’ head using his motorbike 20km away from the station.

Pashupati is from Chikkabagilu, Karnataka and he is arrested for suspicion of murder.

He told police that he chopped off his friends’ head because he made sexual advances to his mother.

Their childhood relations became turbulent once he found this out.

Girish 35, had stained the relationship between the two friendships. Pashupati planned revenge because of the unrelenting behaviour of Girish to his mother.

Last Saturday he invited Girish at home after a festival telling him he has forgiven his friend. He served him tea and invited him to ride on his bike to Kolathur village.

When they reached a secluded area, Pashupati raised the issue and  stated “after the heated argument, he severed Girish’s head,” police reported.



























The superintendent of police Shivaprakash Devaraj stated: “they were investigating the incident, but the accused and the victim are good friends.”

The victim died in the morning just after they arrived at the police station. Pashupati told the police Girish spoke ill of his mother and triggered the fight between them.

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