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Ten Craziest Fan Experiences of Celebrities

Being a fan person, we never know how crazy we can get when we are around celebrities. It is not every day that we get to see them roaming around our favourite spots in the city. Just like us, they, too, are regular people who like to get a sip of coffee at any time of the day. However, they earn big bucks of money by being popular. It seems easy, but really, it’s not.

When they walk around the streets, they always try to wear at least a pair of sunglasses to hide their face. Unfortunately, it cannot hide their whole body and fans can still recognise them. In some cases, they wear large hoodies to cover themselves up from the fans that may attack them. And to their surprise, when they get recognised, a fan may just viciously attack them out of nowhere.

A lot of celebrities have probably encountered a crazy experience from a fan. We cannot blame these people because it is a dream come true to see their idols in the flesh. Moreover, they want to create a more memorable experience with the celebrity they look up to. Therefore, they tend to be uncontrollable when they meet a celebrity in person. Sometimes, these fans do the craziest and weirdest things around these celebrities because they are in the total state of euphoria.

Whatever experience it may be, these celebrities have a lot to share about it. Find out below the list of celebrities who have just experienced a crazy encounter with their fans.


  • The Jonas Brothers



How can we ever forget these three? They may have split up already, but their music will always live in our hearts. The Jonas Brothers—Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas were once a hit during the early 2000’s. They started their career on Disney and started to create more music in the rock and pop genre.


One of the craziest fans experience they had was during their concert in Madrid in 2009. A man out of nowhere jumped to the stage and took off his shirt while the band was playing. There where thousands of fans watching, but the band continued to play even with the man on the stage.

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