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Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

There are a lot of restaurants all over the world that is deemed to serve the best speciality ever. People who have the luxury of visiting these expensive restaurants can surely attest to that. Although it is expensive, tourists still take time to visit these restaurants. It is because they want to have a taste of the critically-acclaimed cuisine. Aside from the satisfaction you get, you also gain an experience.

Still, there are certain factors that everyone considers when they choose a restaurant. The quality of the food is very important. And of course, the style is also one of the considerations. Location, however, is never a problem for people who would go to the ends of the world just to have a taste of their best sellers. They will surely allot their money for an experience like no other.  

If you want to try restaurant hopping, here are some of the most expensive restaurants that you can look for around the world.


  • Restaurant Gordon Ramsay




Almost everyone in the world has probably heard of Gordon Ramsay—a multi-Michelin star chef who was born in Scotland. He is a British chef who is also a television personality. Aside from the career of being in television, he also owns a restaurant which is named after him. It has branched out all over the world and gained a lot of awards.


Satisfying as it looks, this restaurant is no different to all the luxury restaurants you can find around the world. The lowest meal per person starts at around $178. But of course, this meal includes only a few slices of your desired cuisine. It will cost you a lot more to have a taste of a larger piece. But of course, the taste of the food is more than outstanding.

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